How to smoke pork ribs

smoke pork ribs

A perfectly smoked rack of pork ribs is an absolutely delicious cuisine, but the trick to get that tender and luscious product lies in maintaining the correct amount of temperature for the right amount of time.

The ribs need to be cooked fully in order to extract the real savor. Even though such perfection comes with practice and experience, knowing the apt way is ideal to start with. Here’s how it should be done.


Preparation of the rack!

The night prior to smoking the ribs, it’s advisable to buy fresh, unfrozen rack of ribs that is slightly pinkish in color. The spare rib and the back side are covered by a membrane which you have to remove carefully, using a sharp object. You need to pull the membrane from one side, preferably the narrow end, and scrape it off along the line.

Once you remove the major part of the membrane, peel off the remaining portion using your index finger and the thumb. Not removing the membrane will result in a gritty taste of the final product.

Flavor addition!

You can be a little innovative with this part. A well-made dry rub for ribs is like water for the thirsty. The great flavor of the ribs show up their full potential, if you are able to make the rub stick well.

Apply 2 parts of honey or jam and 1 part of mustard oil to the ribs. The oil provides a great crust, and the honey/jam tenderizes the whole stuff.

Place the ribs on the pan, apply the rub, and keep it in the refrigerator for a night. In case you like to have some spicy stuff, you can add a mix of coriander/ red chilli powder to the rub.

Smoking the ribs!

For the spare ribs, place them unwrapped on the cooking surface and let your Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature be around 225-250 degrees. It is assumed to be an ideal temperature for smoking meat.  This heating process should continue for 3 hours.  After that, wrap up the ribs and place them on a pan followed by covering it up with an aluminum foil.

A quarter inch of liquid such as apple juice is kept at the base. The whole thing is again put back on the smoker grate and left for around a couple of hours.  Now remove the foils from both the ribs and the pan, and continue cooking for another hour.

During the entire smoking process, keep your exhaust damper wide open, in order to avoid the entrapment of smoke that results in a bitter flavor. The thickest part of the meat should be checked to pull out from the bone at least a quarter inch to make sure it has been fully smoked. You can check for tenderness by grasping the bone and pulling them in reverse direction to see how easily it tears apart.

Lastly, you can bite into it to feel the amount of tenderness. Place it on the dish and slice pieces right across the bones. Enjoy!


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