Know Which Best Cabinet Table Saw is for You ?

What Do They Look Like ?

It has a heavy cast iron table which is machined to provide smooth surface. Underneath the saw table, the motor is enclosed in a cabinet. It is largest and heaviest amongst all types of saws and so most costly.

Its weight may go over 600 pounds. Motor horse power lies between 3 to 5 HP. It is used for heavy duty jobs and therefore has heavy duty gears and trunnions. One must buy the best cabinet table saw suiting to his requirements of cutting and ripping.

Tips Before Getting This Tool

While buying a table saw one must pay attention to safety features as working on such saws is very dangerous. It must have large paddle type switch so that it may be turned off by foot or knee as the hand is busy on job.

There must be riving knife riding behind the saw blade to separate the two pieces cut. It must also be easily removable, raised or lowered as required while cutting the job.

Well designed blade guards of good quality should be provided over the blade to avoid accident while cutting. It also protects the person operating the machine in case of breaking of blade. It is usually made up of good quality plastic.

Anti kick back pawls which are spring loaded pieces of metal having teeth should be in machine. While cutting if job kick backs, the teeth grab the job to its place. Quick release riving knife and quick release blade guard helps in reducing time for adjustments.

Blade brake should also be a part of this type. It is a system which stops the blade when a body part comes near to it. It is costly as it requires replacement of saw blade and aluminum brake after engaging the break.

Additional features like mobile bases, additional wings to either side should also be provided in saw for long jobs.

Price, design and capabilities are other major considerations in buying a saw. Type and size of job decides the capability of the saw. Requirement of Dado blades should also be scrutinized. The design must be able to withstand vibrations caused by motor with the help of foundation bolts.

A cabinet mounted truncation is also an integral requirement of the saw as it is the best solution to dust collection. Dust shroud and hose below the blade helps to clear the dust. Push button arbor lock and storage drawer are other basic requirements needed with the saw. Rip capacity to handle materials easily should also be considered for the jobs to be done.

Sum of The Above

Read reviews, compare features and specifications before buying the perfect cabinet saw. Quality and workmanship of all components of the table saw should be examined carefully because it is a big investment and economy of your workshop is totally dependent upon it.

Top brand names should be made the choice. The bought machine should fulfill all needs of workshop even for works to be taken up in future.

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