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Sometimes you do not know what you really want because playing time or what one ever wants. Sometimes pretty strange whims that then something like Cronuts leading half croissant and half donut is. Or to Clash Royale by Supercell, which is half and half tower defense card game. If you like tactical games against other players play and enjoy it has to put together effective decks of cards, can directly download the free Clash Royale on its Android smartphone or iPhone.

The tutorial, in which you fight trainer NPCs, takes quite a while, but eventually you have to get into the game play in place before it is released to the other players. Or the other way around? I was mercilessly flattened in my first match against another player, because I had not thought much about my tactics. And this one desperately needs!


The Clash Royale fighting is taking place on a typical tower defense map, enemy and you yourself have a Königsturm and two more towers, falls the King’s Tower, the game is over, otherwise it ends when the time runs out and won, who most opposing towers destroyed.

How it works: The cards

At the beginning it has not yet very many different cards, for example, can the archers and knights to call his own. From the chests that you win at the games, you do not get new cards … or. New maps mean logically new heroes, that can be changed in its fight deck against another card. The choice is often more of a torment. Will I a card that you had, you can level up this card, if it has enough experience points.Tickets can also be purchased in Clash Royale shop for gold. The descriptions of the card heroes are quite funny and also inform on range, damage values ​​and other things.

The cards will cost levels of gold, which is obtained from chests or for donations. With Jewels has also the possibility, gold and chests to buy, also can be opened with them chests immediately. Through in-app purchases can be bought for real money a certain amount of jewels, 80 jewels for € 0.99 to 14000 Jewels at 99.99 €. By achievements, one can also get a small amount of unique jewels. Achievements include the viewing of a TV-Royale-repetition, where you can watch fighting other players, or donate a certain number of cards.

Card donations is one way in Clash Royale coming to jewels and gold and for his appearance to give the opportunity to get to the levels required cards (and even to get any), and is only within the guild. Of which there are many, many put a specific number trophy as a precondition for accession or regionally restricted, others are international and have no prerequisites. Within the guild can chat to chat with his fellow guild members and fight against each other in friendly matches, which does not affect the rating.Who wants to start a guild itself, must it save a bit of gold.

How it works: The Battles and Free chests

In the fighting obtained for trophies and loses this case defeats, they serve as an orientation for the struggle and success as a prerequisite for the next step Arena. From 800 trophies you get for example in the third arena. In every arena stage more maps will be unlocked. Defeat your enemy Königsturm obtained three crowns and the most trophies, for a victory by a defeated tower there are fewer crowns and trophies. The crowns open a crown box that can be opened within a certain time.

Open chests is a bit like open our presents: You never know what’s inside. Aller few hours you get a free chest for fighting silver, gold and rare magic chests. For the opening they need all hours except you open for jewels equal.


The optimal strategy in Clash Royale

I personally use my friend who has always struggled with it pretty good strategy: For first of all you need the giants. This lets you start walking near the base and sends the same a few DPS afterwards as archers, Mini PEKKA or baby dragon. Thus, the first unit has mostly been destroyed before the enemy could really react. Unfortunately, this initial use quite a lot, another strategy of houses. For cards like the leprechaun house many little goblins come and make your opponent’s life or the game hard. If you have several such cards, then is all full of houses and their inhabitants overrun the enemy. Also a nasty tactic is to save equal enough Elixir to immediately attack both sides of the opponent with two units at the same time, however, this leads easily to the fact that one becomes overwhelmed because one has distributed its units too far, instead to center it. Which strategy you always applies in Clash Royale, the most important is the cover carefully select his cards and the leveling mostly used most and save the gold in order to buy tickets.

The best maps

So far I’ve seen a card that is particularly in itself had: the Prince. He rides a steed and wearing Tunierlanze he sunk deep in the heart of his opponent, because he just runs to the first tower and makes it quite prostrate. If it is in rush, it even does double damage, that is, one should ask him as an opponent necessarily something in the way of what it refuels and make a ranged damage.

The giant is an tank which attacked only buildings and monsters staying that attack him. But he is quite slow. Effective against him are mainly archers and Mini PEKKA so fast damage dealer who must endure not much. Conversely, it is advisable mitzugeben the giants a few own damage monsters to conduct, otherwise the giant is dead quickly and wasted the elixir.

make area damage in Clash Royale as the Valkyrie and the baby dragon, which is useful especially against the house tactics. The baby dragon is also one of the flying units and can fly over the canyon and attack other air units such as the bomb-throwing balloon.

Some cards, other smaller units swear, as the witch, the skeletons summon. Even stores like the Leprechaun Cottage spit regularly from smaller units.

Which card is the best, your discretion is left, but my personal favorite card in Clash Royale is the sweet fat baby dragon.

Read more at clash royale hack and the strategy you learn soon in another article!

Conclusion to Clash Royale:

Even for those of us who can not start as much by playing cards otherwise (Psst, I also belong to!), Clash Royale is its tower defense game mechanics as real-time strategy game quite suitable! This combination loosens the usual card game principle clearly and is still not a pure tower defense, since it is also very dependent on luck when you open the chests, which units you have available, rather than just from a pure strategic skill. Clash Royale definitely makes addictive, but is also well suited for the way, because the boxes are open only every few hours. The distribution of his opponents is a bit unbalanced, as it often happens, the higher levels to fight against a player who has been far better maps and stronger tower values ​​what frustrated quickly. The cards are a bit unbalanced, against some units such as the Prince can provide little just at the beginning.


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