FIFA Ultimate Team: Everything about this addictive mode


In this article we give you an overview of the features of FIFA Ultimate Team. In addition, there will in future be more articles about this mode, including tips on how to put the best team.

FIFA Ultimate Team mode in the FIFA series is perhaps the most played and most comprehensive mode within the game. In FIFA 17, this mode is bigger, better and more addictive than ever. On this page you can also read all about FIFA Ultimate Team.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team will give you the possibility to create their own team, where you get players after you earn or buy tickets. FIFA Ultimate Team, there are over 8,000 players available to choose from. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to develop your own play system with a unique playing style. Also, for example, kits are composed himself.

Items in FIFA Ultimate Team

Putting together a team is done by earning items. This can for instance players, coaches, railway stations and shirts.There are also items that can be used for example to improve the condition of your team or the health of a player.The higher the value of an item, the more the item will be worth in the transfer market (here we get to that later).

The most important are, of course, the players items. The skills can be viewed from each player and, of course, means better scores, a higher value of the player’s item. Besides players items are also the so-called form important items, which will be looked at as a player in real life. However, this kind of items are rare and only temporarily available. FIFA 17 Hack

Working on team spirit

FIFA Ultimate Team is not just about assembling the team with the best players, it is also important that the team spirit is at a high level. There are several ways to work with it. Thus dazzling passes and spectacular goals have a positive effect, but it is also considered such as whether players are their favorite place or to the amount of players in the team who share the same nationality.

The transfer market

Another important part of FIFA Ultimate Team is the transfer market. Here you can buy or sell (among others) players. The transfer market is widely used, and buying or selling a player, or other item, at the best possible price is therefore needed the necessary experience.

play matches

Ultimately, it also runs FIFA Ultimate Team course for playing games. Here you can play both offline and online matches to get to the top. Winning matches is rewarded with new items or prosecutors’ offices that are required to provide your team with sufficient strength.

FIFA Ultimate Team are available 10 seasons where you must discharge your team through. Besides these seasons, you can also play in a tournament or compete against your friends. Plenty of pots that can be played so!

FUT Legends for Xbox One and Xbox 360

On the Xbox One and Xbox 360 version of FIFA Electronic Arts has added an exclusive opportunity: FUT Legends.Shows are 42 football legends added to FIFA Ultimate Team including Pele, Van Basten, Bergkamp, Figo and Romario.

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