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Is it time for a good Home Improvement Idea or Ideas? Great, Lets discuss a few Easy Home Improvement Ideas for your Home, using Wood as the Product of choice.

Lets start with the exterior of your Home. As you do a walk around your Home what is missing that would help the overall look? Take paper and Pencil to jot down your findings.

Some questions to ask. Is this area of my Home warm and Inviting, in appearance? What will improve the look? What will catch the eye just enough to draw them closer in?

Just basic questions, but they help get the thinking process going, an start the creative process for the Easy Home Improvement Projects listed here.

Okay, you have finished you walk around for each area of your home, and have jotted down several home improvement ideas. Lets see if any of your ideas match the easy ones suggested here.

Easy Home Improvement Projects Exterior:

Wooden Plant Holders along the Walkway. This is a really creative way to dress up the sidewalk to your front door or porch.

A porch swing or Stand alone Wooden Swing set left or right of front door. This one helps create a feeling of welcome, warmth, and peacefulness within.

A wooden door plaque – Customize a little – not just Welcome, include something that says more than come in, maybe something like “This home is always filled with the love of Family and Friends! Welcome to all who Enter”.

Wooden Window Shutters, sized to match the window size. Give the Illusion of working Shutters even if they are Non-Working Shutters.

Wooden Yard Art – Wishing Well, Covered Wagon, Different types of Figures – A person walking a Dog, A lady sporting an Umbrella, Someone close to a flower bed with pruning tool. You get the meaning of it, an can use what will work best for your area, the list is as long as your imagination.

Gazebo or Outdoor Room, both add a sense of “You are welcome here”.

Finally a Wooden deck added on can increase activity space for all.

Easy Home Improvement Projects Interior:

Built in Corner Curio Cabinets, can be in many different rooms – Living room, Family Room, Den, Dining Room, Even Bedrooms. Great for displaying pictures as well as Curio’s.

Custom Cabinet Doors – Replace old doors with creative new ones, saves money by replacing only the doors, not the whole cabinet. Can save even more by reworking the current doors, add custom details, Resurface and add carving on them or If no windows add windows. Lot of possibilities, just use your creative imagination.

Add a Bookcase to the Family Room or even the Dining Room.

Closet Shelves, include a Shoe Rack for the Woman of the Home.

Laundry Room – Add a fold down Ironing Board to one of the walls, yes it can be wood.

A built in China Cabinet – This is a great one, so many possibilities.

Add a Pot and Pan hanging rank in the Kitchen – Can be a great space saver and add a sense of lived in to the Home.

This is a few Home Improvement Ideas that are Fairly Easy Home Improvement Projects. Even One Home Improvement Idea can add warmth, and value to your home.

Have a few suggestions of your own, share them here, add your pictures and ideas.

Wonderful Woodcraft would love to show off any of your Home improvement woodwork projects and share your ideas with all woodcraft creators and woodworkers.

Don’t be shy, share your awesome wood worked project with the rest of the woodworkers of the world!

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