JewelGram creates jewelry with your photos Instagram

Instagram Revolution makes new business ideas on this new social network really original, some of them every day arise, as in the case of Jewelgram, a young Italian company that is dedicated to creating jewelry with your photos Instagram. Learn >> Easiest ways to hack an instagram account <<visit here

Jewelgram arises from the union of two great friends; Gianpiero Riva and Michele Marzotto, photo enthusiasts and addicts Instagram, one day having drinks wonder how wonderful it would be to have jewelry with photos printed on them Instagram. Coincidences of life or not, both had what it takes to run a well thought Michele Marzotto as a jewelry designer and his friend Gianpiero Riva as an electronics engineer and programmer, this curious combined with his passion for Instagram combination makes few months after born JewelGram.

Jewelgram Instagram

JewelGram, the perfect gift Instagram addicts.

It is certainly a great idea to make a special gift to someone you know who is engaged to Instagram, and that is if we saw in his day other such original ideas like converting your photos Instagram in a housing for mobile have to recognize JewelGram the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoriginality has exceeded latter

For now JewelGram collection only has 6 models jewel 3 types 3 types of rings and pendants made of different materials. They claim on their website the company is undergoing expansion and will soon begin mass produce jewelry collection, with prices ranging from $ 15 to $ 2000 for models made of gold, so soon sure we will see expanded his collection with new models and materials.

Best of all is that JewelGram not charge shipping charges for any of its models and does not seem to be a minimum amount of purchase. However, they do not yet have an e-commerce platform sales, so if you are interested in buying some of its models jewelry should contact them through the contact form there on its website.

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